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Applying to Mary Immaculate


Mary Immaculate accepts students with unique learning needs. Many of these students have an IEP and a MFE, but it is not necessary that they have one. Our children are those who struggle with learning in an inclusive classroom and have the ability to learn the regular material. They may struggle to learn the way other children learn, or need more time.

When students enter Mary Immaculate School, they are on probation for a period of nine weeks to see if this is a good fit for the child and if we are meeting parent expectations.

The Process

Before your child comes to Mary Immaculate School you need to fill out the application form, turn that in with the papers that are asked for, then we set up a conference with the parent(s)/guardian(s) so we understand the needs of the child, and the child comes for a short test so we can see what he/she is able to do. After that a committee will decide if we are able to help your child. Then you will receive the registration form.

Tuition Assistance

Qualifying families may apply for available scholarship programs. We are approved to provide for students with an Autism Scholarship, Ed Choice Scholarship and Northwest Ohio Scholarship. We can help qualifying families to apply for these programs.

For more information on these scholarship programs click on their links below:

        Autism Scholarship

        Ed Choice Scholarship

        Northwest Ohio Scholarship

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