Mary Immaculate School
3835 Secor Rd | Toledo, Ohio 43623 | (419) 474-1688 | MaryIm_Info@Nwoca.Org
Toledo Catholic Special Education School

Here at Mary Immaculate, we believe that it is essential for students to learn proper techniques to interact and communicate with others.
By having strong social
skills, students will become more confident in social situations and make better decisions.

To ensure that these skills are met, once a week, all students take
part in a program called Second Step. Each lesson is designed to meet the needs of a specific grade level and each skill will be taught using discussion, role-play, and an activity.

The goal is that by using real-life scenarios students will begin to understand the importance of these skills in the classroom, as well as at home, and in the community. The following topics make up the base of this program, with specific skills being addressed within each one:

    1. Empathy and Communication
    2. Emotion Management
    3. Problem Solving
    4. Bully Prevention
    5. Abuse prevention
    6. Teamwork
    7. Manners
    8. Cooperative Play/Drama